24-hour BP Nurse
Meet Janie, an LPN who provides 24-hour blood pressure monitoring!
Do you ever wonder how your blood pressure responds to your activities throughout the day? We offer 24-hour blood pressure monitoring program at CRPCN clinics.

Many studies have now confirmed that blood pressure measured over a 24-hour period is superior to clinic blood pressure in predicting future cardiovascular events. This is a non-invasive method of obtaining blood pressure readings over a 24-hour period, while you are in your own environment, representing a true reflection of your blood pressure.

You'll attend two appointments, 24 hours apart. In the first, you are fitted with a monitor by one of our nurses who specializes in 24-hour BP monitoring. Then, you'll go about your daily activities for the next 24 hours, recording your activity. When you return for your second appointment, the monitor is removed. The results are downloaded and sent to your family doctor.