Community Development Coordinator
Meet May, a behind-the-scenes facilitator, community liaison, and all around mover and shaker!

Our success lies not just in the work we do in our clinics, but the work we do in our communities.

Community development is just that - “community” plus “development.” The community itself engages in initiatives aimed at developing and improving their community.

What do our Community Development Coordinators have in common?

They work to increase positive community connections, develop networks of support, and build engagement opportunities for community members, alongside partner organizations. They help communities work on initiatives that contribute to health and wellness, focusing on four key areas: Early Childhood Development, Seniors, Physical Activity & Nutrition; and, Mental Health.

As a couple of examples, our Community Development Coordinators were instrumental in the creation of an Older Adults Resource Handbook in Chestermere, and a Youth network in Wheatland County.

Our Community Development team helps drive us towards our Vision, which is “Optimal health in our communities.”

Click here for a PDF that describes some of the initiatives in the areas we have identified as priorities in our communities.