The Calgary Rural Primary Care Network is aware that there are gaps in services provided to young people in our communities.
We've created two surveys – one for youth and one for parents – as a way of engaging stakeholders in the planning and development of our offering to teenagers and young adults. We want to understand the issues for young people, which will impact where we allot funding for youth-related programs.
To that end, we've asked respondents to rank the importance of such topics as bullying, depression, stress, employment, and quite a few others.
The survey offers a way for responses to be anonymous, which we are hoping will encourage frankness.
The bigger our data pool is, the more we can be sure that we are addressing the needs of all, so I’d encourage everyone to fill it out!
Parents - click here  and  Youth (11-24) - click here

Thank you for you participation.

Together, we're better.