This isn't an all-inclusive list of resources pertaining to every condition. We figure if you want to know about diabetes, you'll google diabetes. Instead, this list contains the information you may not find in a google search, and is specific to our catchment area.

We are including this link to Alberta Health Services, where you can search for local resources by choosing Find Healthcare.

So, please explore our list of resources below, or ask your doctor for a referral to a registered nurse, social worker, registered dietitian, behavioural change specialist, or any of our health specialists, according to your needs.


The NETWORK is a group of agencies helping parents obtain information and services to raise happy, healthy children.
The navigator can help you with the maze of resources, and point you in the direction you need to go.

Black Diamond
Suzan Nagel, FCSS Coordinator / 403-933-4348

Chestermere / Langdon
Lynn Cox, Executive Director

Nicole Van Langen / 403-646-2646

Link to Alberta contacts within FCSS
High River
Foothills Community Counselling
#101 303 9 Avenue S.W. (Charles Clark Medical Centre)
In the event you are unable to participate in Total Cardiology Rehab in Calgary, here are some alternative options for your cardiac rehabilitation and maintaining your cardiac health. These resources can be in person, virtually or self-directed learning.